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There are four basic haircut types. They are 0 degree haircut, 45 degree haircut, 90 degree haircut, and 180 degree haircut. Four of them are basically the position of the head when hair is being cut to create different effect and result. Stylists claim that 90 degree haircut is the most difficult one to be executed. And why is that?

The Difference between Four Haircut Types

0 degree haircut is when the hair is pulled straight vertically leaving no degree which stays at 0 degree. This position allows hair to stay in the same place thus giving access to stylist to be able to cut it straight in blunt edges. It results with all the end of hair strands falling on the same length resembling rectangle shape. This position is used to create hairstyle such as bob hair.

90 Degree Haircut on Hairstyles Making

45 degree haircut is when the hair is cut when pulled ahead, in front of the forehead. This haircut results in two layers which allow one layer on top of the other. This is used to create long bob hair which is short at the back but gradually longer as it reaches the front.
90 degree haircut is the most difficult to be executed according to stylist. It is because this haircut is used to create several layers of hair which function to create a look that the hair is added volume. It is expected to see the 90 degree haircut diagram or 90 degree haircut pictures to understand the technique cutting og this haircut better. This haircut is used to create long layered hairstyle. Typically the hair looks like it has various lengths of hair locks. As the lengths are not the same, it looks like the hair is having more volume that way.
90 Degree Haircut
180 degree haircut is the long version of the 90 degree. Unlike 90 degree which creates various lengths of locks, 180 degree looks like it only has two or three. This is because 180 degree haircut results in long length of lock in the back hair and short length in the form. Thus, the shorter locks will only visible if seen through the front, unlike layered hairstyle resulted by 90 haircut. That is why it is called long layered hairstyle.
The examples of hairstyle mentioned on each haircut are the simplest application of each. The hairstyles only use one haircut without combining the others which is why it results in such hairstyle.

Variation of Hairstyle Using the Application of 90 Degree Haircut

One of the unique hairstyles that use 90 degree is the geometric one with ear-length hair on both ears and shoulder lengths hair at the back. The fringe in the front is slightly passing under the eyebrow and swept slightly to the side. This hairstyle is good at showing the well-defined and fine face structure such as the cheekbones, jawlines, and even the collarbones.

The other hairstyle using 90 is the pixie cut. This hairstyle is perfect for someone with oval face. The exposure of the face structure entirely matches well with the short hair above the ear. This hairstyle enables to view the structure completely, from both sides: the cheekbones and the jawlines, from the back: the head shape. This style helps to enhance the fine structure of your entire head, not only the face.

90 degree haircut can result in another various and creative hairstyles with the combination of the other degree haircuts. The use of the combination on each part of hair locks is practically unlimited which can result in new hairstyle unlike any others before.

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