Best Curly Haircut for Teens Boys

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Some cool haircut which becomes the hottest this year may not suit for curly hair. Curly hairs have their own way to make it stand out and part away from others. You able to go with this year of texture trend and all of best curly hair guy haircuts 2017 which featured with long enough hair to reveal the curls as well. These long on top, the shorter sides and hairstyle were giving you with perfect match both with the long enough hair with the texture and the side clean edges as well.

As we know that curly hair need different approach from the other types. Not all barbers had been experienced with the curly hair, so you can check them out from many sources and get recommendations from your relatives before the scissor cutting your hair and end up with the worst one. Here some ideas of best Curly Hair Guy Haircuts:

  • Getting the curly comb over or side parts
    Your curly side will work well with the wavy hair and make your hair was thicker as it will with the straight hair. You can ask the barber to trim you hair shorted in each side and leave the long length in the top.
  •  Get the long curls on the top
    This becomes the textured of crop trend, and this cool haircut had features with the curly fringe and the taper area around on sides and back as well. You can give light of product that will against your curl and keep you hair in that position.
  •  The Medium Length for Curly Hair
    For guys who have the loose curl, this medium length was the classic slick along with the nature texture. The neck taper keeps you back of a head still trimmed neatly as well.
  •  The wavy fringe
    To get this look, you could go for high or low class on the back and side area during you save up most of the length on the top. Blending with the top hair with the longest length at the front then getting shorter toward the crown. You can use the texturing products to get styling in your fringe and keeping that position.
  • The high fade haircut
    This high fade was ideal option for guys why have curly hair. This is allow the length at the top without any hair on the side or trimmed neatly.
  • The curly quiff
    Curly quiif need short hair in the back and side area along with the medium to long hair at the top. For the thicker wavy, you can ask you barber to give layer the length and reduce the weight alongside as well.

Those ideas may able become your favorite option which perfect fit with your curly hair. You can use pomade or the other products which able to make this style stand out. Those ideas also suit for haircuts for 14 year old boy.

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