Fade on the Side Haircut Types

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Fade on the side haircut is one of the most popular haircut styles chosen by men and women. The haircut is made shorter close to the neck and then get longer gradually to the top. There are kinds of fade that are commonly apply to this haircut style. This haircut can also be applied in kinds of hair type and texture.

Kinds of Fade in the Haircut Style

The typical character of fade haircuts is short, buzzed, close to the neck nape. The fade title is taken from the gradually changing length of the hair from the lowest to the top of head. You have to consider the length of the hair from the shortest to the longest part before having this haircut. The different options of fade haircut styles are such as;

  • Caesar fade. The sides and back of head’s hairs are cut very shortly and the top is cut slightly longer. The top hair should be combed forward and the short bangs of the hair are commonly swept to sides.

Caesar Fade Haircut

  • High and tight fade. The back and sides of the hair are virtually shaved with the top buzzed shortly. This fade style is commonly used by military.

high fade haircut

  • Princeton fade. The top hair is cut in one or two inch of length. The length is gradually shorter down to the back and sides of head.

princeton haircut

  • Faux hawk fade. It is like the cut of Princeton yet having sharper fade. The top is cut longer with buzzed or shaved sides and back.

Fauxhawk fade haircut

Fade Haircuts for Short Hairstyles

Fade on the side haircut will be one of the coolest choices for those who love short hairstyles and haircuts. The short hair is easier to maintain and style. You only need to towel dry your hair every day and then use a little hair product for styling, make the style and then you are ready to go. By choosing the fade haircut style, you can look great with the clean cut all hairstyle.

Fade Haircuts for Curly Hairs

Most men with curly hair often feel difficult to style their hair. Actually, you can style the curly hair easily since you choose the right haircut style. For those who love shorter curly hair, fade hairstyle may become a great choice. The longer hair on top will be easier to manage and style anytime you need. Besides, it is the hottest hairstyle trend that lets the back and sides of head clean. Add some longer bang or fringes in the front and top so it will look totally cool hairstyle.

Fade Haircuts for Thick Hair

The thick hair type is awesome to get any haircut style. You can choose any haircut styles, including the fade hairstyle. It will make your hairstyle looks cool and clean for the shorter sides and back. Besides, this haircut style is one of the trendiest options in recent years.

Cut the sides and back very shortly and then gradually increase the thickness to the top of head. Because of the thick hair, you can manage your hair much easier. Yet, make sure you decide the right length on top so it doesn’t look too big on top. Learn about (How To Do A Fade Haircut With Clippers) well before you try to make this haircut style by yourself.

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