Five Cool Haircuts for 14 Year Old Boy

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Choosing the right haircuts for 14 year old boy is very important if you always want to have cool look. Yes, it is because haircut style always determines the look of someone; both boys and girls. By having good looking and fashionable haircut style, you will soon become a popular boy at school. You have to make a statement in the teenage age. It will make you having different look, so you will be eye-catchy for all people who see you.

In the 14 years old of age, make sure you can be creative to make yourself look amazing. Find some tips below about how you can get the best haircut style as well as what styles that will be most suitable with your age. Some haircut styles below are also fast and easy to make. So, let’s see.

Awesome Haircut Styles for Boys in 14 Years Old of Age

Most boys in 14 years old of age commonly love to express themselves as much and beautiful as possible. So a perfect hair should become the part of them. If you search the internet, you may be confused of so many options of hairstyles and how you can choose one that can make you in fashionable look and having special statement in your look. Five hairstyles below may become the best choices for you to have perfect look.

Spunky Taper Fade

Spunky taper fade is a haircut style that will be perfect for boys in teenage ages, including 14 years old. The short haircut will need low maintenance, but the cut is also long enough to create statement in your performance. This hairstyle is also quite popular and loved by many girls so you will have the beautiful heads to see them.

Bangs on Textured Hair

This hairstyle will be the right choice for those who have thick and beautiful hair type. Bangs on the textured haircut will look very stylish. The layers will decrease the thick look of the hair, so you get the sleek look. Try this hairstyle and be popular.

Windblown Pompadour

By having windblown pompadour, you will love how easy the maintenance of the hair is. The long hair of pompadour style will demand some styling every morning. However, it doesn’t matter since you will see the amazing and crazy look of the hairstyle.

Long Bangs on Bob Hairstyle

For young men with thick and unruly hair type, having long bangs on your bob styled hair will be an amazing choice. It is a hairstyle chosen by many young celebrities. The long bangs will look very stylish but you still have the neat look overall. So you don’t need to try so hard to maintain the hair every day. Keep the bangs in the right length so it will disturb the eyes.

Haircut with High Bangs

If you choose this hairstyle, you should style your hair every day before go out. Otherwise, brush the bangs backwards will be enough. Apply some pomade or gel to make the hairstyle sleeker and clean.

Those are five best hairstyles that can be chosen by you as 14 years old boys. Choose a good Mens Haircuts Nashville hairstylist to style your hair perfectly.     

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