Good Haircuts For Thin Hair Male

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Time can’t be stopped. Age can’t be stopped. Day by day you are getting older and days passing by seeing the inevitable physical change in your own body. One of those physical changes is thinning hair. As people getting old, it is inevitable that the amount of hair strands falling doesn’t catch up with the time needed for new strands to grow back. This caused receding hairline. As how this is titled, receding hairline can be hidden. So, what are good haircuts for thin hair male?

Suitable Haircuts to Hide Receding Line

Let’s start with the gentlemen classic one, the comb over. This cut has the same short length all sides except that the fringe is left a bit longer. Then the fringe is comb over up to one side. Both side and back hair are also run by the hair product as how it is with the fringe. This haircut is a perfect match for formal occasion paired with suit.

Good Haircuts For Thin Hair Male
Although pompadour is back to be a hit for the current trend, but it doesn’t change the fact that this one is actually an old school haircut. Why not try a retro pompadour to look younger without any worry of receding hairline. Cut the side bald and have the top hair a bit long and up all the way to the back. You certainly succeeded at hiding the thinning by shaving the sides by looking all trendy and old school.

Selection of Good Haircuts for Thin Hair Male

Next one is a close cut with top texture. This cut goes by having both sides rather short and having the front a little bit long. Thus, the front is pushed forward together. It doesn’t have to be all that tight and neat like you slicked back pompadour but this will be enough by running through the hair using fingers. This is one of good haircuts for thin hair male as it is proven by having it worn by George Clooney.

Spikes cut is also able to hide the receding hairline. However, this is better to be worn by someone who is at the beginning of thinning hair process. It is all because this style actually needs no more scalp exposure than necessary. Unlike the normal spikes, this spikes for receding hairline is subtle. Hair all sides is spiked in a handful of fist the run by fingers to make the spikes all neat without exposing more scalp areas.

Receding Hairline Haircut for the Brave

The following haircut is only for those who are brave enough to have it done. Instead of being actively denying that the age is slowly eating away their hair, how about just clean it all off? Rather than being distressed by having hair to expose the proof of age, hairlines, how about just clean all the hair off?
If you are too terrified by having your head all naked and exposed, then try the crew cut first. Crew cut is like a longer version of buzz cut. It’s like you have a buzz cut but after several weeks passed it turns into crew cut. Buzz cut is actually the closest thing to bald haircut 2016 you can get with having several millimeters of hair intact. Instead of neither two of them, you can go with the alternative, bald fade haircut.

At least, the haircut for the one who has been enough to hide the proof of age shown in his hair, the shaven clean. Going entirely bald is not that bad, especially if you have nice structure face. Going bald will just emphasize those structures more, such as high cheekbones. Although practically you don’t have any strands of hair, the shaven clean is still one of the good haircuts for thin hair male.

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