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Being men doesn’t mean you have to cut your hair short. Long hair is applicable to men and is still able to pull the manly charm. There are many kinds of non-short haircut you can go with. But first of all, ask yourself the following question: how committed are you for the haircut? Unlike short hair, it’s very manageable. Many men seem underestimating the problem long hair can brought. Which means it is just important to choose what kind of haircut lengths mens you pick for your new style.

As being said before, you need to understand first the length of problem a long haircut can give. The positive side, it can give you extra warmth when the weather is cold. However at the same time, your hair can be easily getting damp. While when it is hot, you will find yourself enraged as your hair cling to your skin stubbornly sticking with the sweat. It comes with its own perk, really. They say beauty is pain, but it’s not necessarily. You could have chosen to go in between of comfortable and looking good.

Various Men Long Hairstyle

Haircut Lengths MensSimply let your hair growing long won’t cut it, making you better looking enough than having shorter hair. You must take quite an effort to care about your hair. Then, the only question mattered will be how will you style your long hair? Even simple ones like ponytail and man bun will look great if you know how to do it right.

If you don’t really that trust yourself with long hair, getting shoulder length hair will be a fair choice. At this length, the hair is available to be styled into various kind. You can go simply with parted your hair to the side and let it fall. This might need to use hair product to keep it in place.

The second choice you can choose to put the front portion of lock to the back by sweeping it with your hair product. This will result in a quite wild look especially if you have wavy hair type.

If you have curly deviant hair, you can enhance the look by highlighting it. The color is advised to be match with your skin tone so it won’t look clashing. A combination of dark brown with light one will be a good combination if you don’t want to have bright colorful color atop of your head. Curly haircut lengths mens also can be simple tied back high and accented with an undercut.

Popular Medium Length Men Hairstyle

Medium long hair for men is the hit nowadays. Like you would know already, it often goes with undercut, fade, and pompadour. The trend is going basically with cutting the hair on both sides short while remaining the top long. Haircut medium length with bangs is also quite the choice. The top then styled into various kind, such as styled to the one side, swept to the back, braided, dreadlocked, turned into pompadour, tousled, spiked, cut into textured long fringe, top knotted, and stuffed into man bun. Haircut medium length is becoming the trend since it seems short hair has limited ways to be styled into. While long hair is the high maintenance, medium length is having the less and worth the look.

Take the change to get into haircut lengths mens instead of the usual short cut. As it can be styled in various ways, it is quite versatile to change for one casual look to a formal one. Furthermore, you can enhance the style by giving it some different colors to the touch. Trying a different look every day, wouldn’t it be cool?

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