How to Do a Fade Haircut with Clippers in Men

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How to do a fade haircut with clippers must be one of the important skills to learn by every barbershop. Fade haircut style is one of the most popular styles today. Most men want to have the special haircut style. That is why you should learn about this skill well to satisfy your customers. Learn the haircut style through some steps below.

Cutting the Hairs

Spray some water to the hairs to make it slightly damp. It will make easier the hair cutting. Then use a comb to part the hair and style the hair in the shape you want. If the hair is too wet, you can use a towel to pat dry and then comb again to get the part.

Determine the Fade Line Size

For beginners, it is better to choose a higher guard size as long as #3. For the sides and back, you can use the higher number. The guard size should be shorter as you move down. It will also make the fade shaping more easily. Start shaving with the first guard then continue to the lower guard, moving down the part and leave the top’s length.

Determine the Fade Lines

The transitions of hair in different length will be determined by the fade line. It will cover around the head’s back, commonly going from one ear to another. The position of the fade line can be made based on your will. You also can make multiple fade line if you like.

Start Shaving with Clippers

To start shaving the hair with slippers, move it vertically and to the opposite direction of the hair growth. Move the clippers up and down. You may give a little pressure to get all hairs. The clippers should move sideways through the fade line but keep vertical. Keep in mind that the fade line should be the transitions of different hair length. To get consistent hair transition and erase the fade lines, make a clipper angle so at least third of the blade touching the fade line.    

Get a Steady Hand and Small Moving Sections

Move slowly so the hair cutting result will be increasingly precise. If the cutting is perfect, you won’t need to tidy the uneven spots on head. For the area behind the ears, pull down the ear top and then cut vertically from the ear and head connection spot. You may need an angle cut for this area.

Switch the Guards

When the sides and back area have been shaved, continue by switching to the #2 guard. Use the same shaving technique; vertically. So it will create an even hair transition. If you want to have more fades, you can continue the next cutting with the #1 guard. After the fade line shaving is done, clean it with a regular comb first. Make 45 degree angle with the comb to the fade line and the come toward the top. With one or two inch comb movement into hair, move the clippers from fade line over the comb. You will get even and nice gradually fade if the shaving is done correctly.

Finish the Fade haircut style by cutting the top hairs with scissors. Use the scissors in the right angles so you can get the style you like. If you can do this haircut style well, you can become one of the most favorite Uber for Haircuts for many men.

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