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Knockouts Haircuts for Men is a quite unique hair salon for men with all female barbers. Established in Addison, TX in 2003 , the founders are Karin and Tom Friday. Their purpose in establishing the hair salon is to create a comfortable atmosphere for the customers for grooming and pampering. The unique concept of the hair salon makes it soon developed and open franchise opportunities worldwide. There are many services provided by the hair salon, learn about them below.

Haircut Services

There are some services that can be gotten in the haircut session, such as consultation about the best haircut style for you, relaxing shampoo, haircut based on your choice, scalp massaging and hot face towel, and then end with hair styling. The services will make sure that you will feel cool, fresh and relaxed after having the treatments. So you will get the coolest style after finishing the treatments.

For those who love Buzz Cut or Uppercut, you can choose it and get the fast finishing. Knockout Haircuts will provide clean cut, hair cleaning, and also massage on full scalp. So you will not only finish with cool haircut but also easy mind. After the clipper cut, your head will be shampooed and massaged relaxingly. The treatments could also be including beard or mustache trimming.

Hair Coloring Services

The hair salon also provides some services of hair coloring, including;

  • Knockout gray: a special treatment to hide gray hairs rapidly. The fast techniques will only take about 10 minutes.

  • All over color: coloring your hair in any colors, either to hide gray hairs or just having new look.

  • Head shots: special coloring for those who need subtle change on head.

Massage Services

There are some options of massage service available in Knockouts, such as:

  • Deep Tissue massage to relieve muscles for overuse, soreness or tightness.

  • Swedish massage to dissolve stress by improve the relaxation and flexibility of muscles’ superficial layers.

  • Sports massage to rehab body’s soft tissues after sports to improve blood circulation, prevent injury and improving sports performance.

  • Hot stone therapy for muscle relaxation.

  • Trigger point to examine and treat muscles that is similar to acupressure.

Grooming Services

The grooming services in the hair salon are including;

  • Waxing to make smoother your skin for hair free. The treatment will be given based on your personality.

  • Mini Facial to clean and exfoliate your face skin.

  • Paraffin hand treatment to relax your palm after hard works.

  • Manicure and pedicure

For the complete options of the hair salon treatments, Knockout can become your first place to visit whenever you need some treatments on head or even the whole body. The professional stylists will know the best haircut style and other treatments you need most. For those who want to make Blonde Fade Haircut, the stylist must understand well about what to do. However, consult her first whether the haircut style will be suitable to your face and head shape can get the haircut style.

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