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Pidgeotto haircut is actually one of the various options of fade haircut or undercut hairstyles. The name Pidgeotto is taken from one of the most popular characters of pocket monsters in Pokemon like a bird, which have cool style of head feather like undercut style in men.

The hairstyle of the Pokemon character is made in red color. That is why those who use this hairstyle often color their hair in pink or red. For the cool hairstyle, Pidgeotto is commonly used both by men and women.

How to Make the Pidgeotto Haircut

Pidgeotto is a hairstyle that was commonly called as Pidgeys. The cool hairstyle is now changing as the stellar Pokemon hairdo. The haircut style is made with short sides but longer hairs in the middle and top. Finished the hairstyle with pink or red color, then you will get the Pidgeotto look perfectly.

To ease the process of the hair cutting, think easy by combining the Mohawk and Pixie cuts in one hairstyle. Then you will get the adorable look with a little touch of punk look. To make perfect the haircut style, you can add some yellow streaks on sides and get the Pidgeotto look perfectly.

The Undercut Hairstyle Development

Actually, pidgeotto hairstyle is the haircut style development that comes from the undercut hairstyle. Undercut hairstyle (fade on the side haircut) that has been popular since the Edwardian era, years in 1920s – 1940s, as well as in 2010s that were more popularly used by men. Usually, the haircut on top of head is commonly cut long and the center or the side is parted.

Meanwhile, short buzzes are given to the side and back of head. In mid to late of 1990s, undercut hairstyle was nearly related to curtained hair. Whilst those who wear undercuts in 2010s prefer to slick the bangs back from face area. As the development of innovative haircut styles, undercuts are made in kinds of stylish look including pidgeotto haircut.

Face Shape that can Get Pidgeotto Haircut

Since pidgeotto hairstyle is made with short sides and longer top, those who have oval face may not be suitable to have this haircut style, because it will make the face shape look even longer. The best face shape to have pidgeotto hairstyle is the round face shape. Additionally, the diamond or triangle and square face shapes are also suitable to have this kind of haircut.

Best Hair Types to Get Pidgeotto Haircut

For those who are interested to have pidgeotto hairstyle, the straight and smooth hair will be perfect to get this hairstyling. Meanwhile, for those who have curly or wavy hair type, this haircut is good to choose but the top should be cut shorter than it is done on straight and smooth hair. Fade the side of the hair so you can get the pidgeotto look. Besides, add red or pink finishing on top and yellow color below to get this hairstyle perfectly. Find some pictures of the hairstyle and choose the best one that can be suitable with the type of your hair.

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