Modern Male Haircuts 2017 for The Gentlemen

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Style never changes, so they say. It is true however, but on another note it is not entirely the case. The basic may be the same but style has been developed, improved, changed, experimented, got messed up. Let’s just take a look at the variations of modern male haircuts. At some point, they are the customized versions of pompadour style, the one which emphasizes the slicked back volume on top.

In the modern version, it got messed up with. Or let’s say people can be very creative to try a new look to bring out their charm. Modern male haircuts mainly focus on the combination of undercut, pompadour, and slickback. However, as how it says, modern style doesn’t limit. Choose one or several combination to make you feel and look at your best.

Combination of Fade Cut

Modern Male Haircuts
Let’s start with a variation of classic fade, the drop fade haircut. The basic idea of drop fade is having the hair cut clean and began to grow thick several inches above the ears. Thus your hair is only cut clean just less than one inch above the ears. Modern male haircuts usually combine fade style with volume on top.

There are many variations, however. For straight hair type, it can be combined with long hair upfront and slicked right to the back. Or it can be modified into shorter length and get them slicked slightly to the side if you prefer not to have too long standing atop.

These styles are somewhat the low-key pompadour cut. If you don’t want to get anything to do with pompadour, you can style it into long fringe. Certainly the length is up to your comfort, be it long enough to touch your eyes or even mid-short above your eyebrows. This fringe style is suitable especially for you who have wavy types of hair.

The fade can also be emphasized with adding surgical line somewhere along the side or the back or even the combination of the two. Fade cut is good to show the good shape of your head. The cut also brings out your face structure more, especially if you have refined jaws and high cheekbones.

Man Bun Style for Edgy Look

Buns! For men! It’s now the time to go with buns for your hair. Man bun style is suitable to any hair types, wavy, curly, and straight. It is because this style can aim for both look, tidy or messy. Although man bun is a hit among current hairstyle trend, as you know it has history way back as the hairstyle of the samurai master. In men haircut 2017, man bun usually combined with beard to aim for a wild look.

Getting this hairstyle done is very easy. You just need to tie your long hair and let the hair to hold at the final loop of the hairband. Worry not, man bun certainly makes you look cute at some point but either the messy or tidy arrangement and combination of beard will not make you less of a gentleman. This style is totally a good go to be combined with formal attire. Man bun is on the top list of men haircut 2017.

There is also another type of man bun, top knot hairstyles. If you are too fond of having undercut and too lazy to take care of long hair, you get a top knot. The combination of undercut and top knot is also easy for you if you are bored with the style. Just loose the tie and comb it back and you have your regular trendy undercut.

Modern male haircuts mostly consist of combination of several hairstyles. You just can get creative to combine your pick and strive for the one to make you feel and look best. See also “haircut lenght men“.

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