Pricey but Satisfying Uber for Haircuts Services

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Uber for haircuts can be a smart solution for those who need regular haircuts but don’t have enough time to visit a barbershop. It is a new application that enables you to call a barber to home, hotel or even your office. So you don’t need much time to go to a barbershop and then waiting to be shaved. Only use your little time between working hours or even while enjoying holiday to call a barber come to your place.

Depending on what app you download and install to your smart devices, the Uber barbershops may be available every day, from morning to midnight. When you have input your order in details, the barber will come to your location soon. You can choose any service from the barber; haircut, haircut with beard trim, or may be other grooming services.      

Quite Pricey Cost but Give Great Services

Getting a service from the Uber for haircuts is not a cheap choice. But it is worth since you will be served by a licensed barber and enjoy the shaving time in the most comfortable place you like; home, hotel, etc. It is a premium service that you should pay for. For those who try the Uber barbershop for the first time, you may get special discount to make a profile. Find other chances of discounts such as two men to shave in the same call time, etc.

After you put an order to a barber, you should wait for some time for the barber on the way. Then you will see the professional barber comes to your place with well-dress performance and bring his professional barber supplies in one bag.

Unique Atmosphere of Hair cutting

Since you call the barber to come to your place, so the facilities will not as complete as in the barbershop. As the customer, you may need to prepare a chair for you to sit comfortably as long as the shaving time, and also a table where the barber will put his haircutting supplies. Besides, if you choose a place where no mirror available, you should get used to get haircut without looking at the mirror. But the barber commonly brings a mirror in his hand to show you the haircut result.

As a barber that works in strange place every time, the barber shouldn’t only need license and appropriate haircut background. But he also should have good skill in adapting to the new place as well as good communication skills. So the customers will feel more comfortable with the barber’s services called to their place. The barber should also be used to the situation of his customers’ places. The customers may do another activity while being haircut, such as phone calling and talking about business, etc.

Like a barbershop haircuts, the process will take about thirty minutes. You should pay about $50 to $75 for paying the Uber barber. The high price may not be a problem since you get the great satisfaction. Besides, the licensed barber can do any haircut styles, including Quinn Cook Haircut, or anything else.

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