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Russell Westbrook is not only a talented basket ball. He is also a stylish man. NBA fans always pay attention on Russell Westbrook haircut.This Californian NBA player always has interesting haircut. He usually has very short hair. But sometimes, Westbrook grows his curly hair and style it attractively. Some of his haircuts are good haircuts for thin hair male.

Russell Westbrook hairstyles

Russell Westbrook changes his haircuts from time to time. And thise changes always catch the attention of his fans and NBA fans. Sometimes, Westbrook has a simple haircut. It features a very short fade mowhawk. This haircut is simple but it doesn’t make him less attractive. It makes her look professional instead. Moreover,it also makes him look very mature and charming.

On the other time, he uses his heas and hair as a ‘canvas’. He styles his hair in a complicated and artistic hairstyles. One of them features a basket ball on fire. This particular hairstyle matches his eccentric personality. It is very eye catching. When he has this haircut, fans can surely spot him easily when he is playing the game.

At another time, Westbrook seems bored with his short hair. He grows his hair slightly longer than usual and style it in fade mohawk. This haircut is probably one of his female fans favorit haircut of him. Some of his female fans will surely want to duck their hands on his curly hair.

Which Westbrook haircut to have?

Those three types of Russell Westbrook hairstyle are stylish and attractive. However, not all of them will be suitable for you. If you want to have Westbrook haircut, you must choose it with consideration. If you don’t do it with consideration, you will look less attractive instead.

If you are a young professional who doesn’t have time to comb and style your hair in the morning, you had better choose simple Russell Westbrook hairstyle. This particular style will free you from the hassle of styling your hair. All you need to do is shampooing and then drying it before you go out.

However, if you have this simple short haircut, you need to maintain it pretty often. If you want to keep it short, you must go to the barber every couple of weeks.

If you are an eccentric and artistic person, you can consider Russell Westbrook artistic hairstyle. Having this haircut will surely make you an attention-grabbing person. People will notice you easily because you look outstanding in the crowd. You don’t need to do a lot of self-care if you have this haircut. But, you need to go to the have the barber style it often to maintain the artistic look.

If you have curly hair and want to look charming, you can choose to grow your hair slightly longer. Once you achieve the length you want, you can have Westbrook fade haircut. You will need to style it before you go out so that you look more attractive. With this Russell Westbrook haircut, you only need to visit the barber occasionally. Therefore, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to maintain it.

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