Tips to Keep Quinn Cook Haircut Fresh

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Quinn Cook haircut is one of the most popular high taper fade haircut styles in men today. The haircut gives clean look and modern attitude. Besides, the adaptable cut will be suitable for formal and casual styles. If you are going to have this haircut style or have had it, some tips below will help you finding the way to get the unique and personal look.

Choose the Most Suitable Fade

It is important to choose the best fade before you cut your hair into this style. Before you let the barber cutting your hair, determine the fade first by discussing it with the barber himself. Consider about your face shape, head size and how you can do the daily maintenance. The length of hairs on the sides and back will determine how suitable the haircut style for you.

Give a Styling Twist to It  

A taper fade style of haircut is commonly a style that keep longer top hair, and the fade is progressively shorter down to the back and sides. Yet, choose the best taper style for you. Mostly, the Quinn Cook Haircut is best for those with curly hair; the high taper fade comes along with longer top. Yet, it may be also applicable for straight hair by cutting the top shorter, so it can get the standing hair look. Use some gel or pomade to style and make the hair steadier.

Style the Haircut with Beard

The natural polished and clean look of the taper fade haircut style will be also greatly combined with facial hair. You can add beard on face so the popular haircut style can get extra dimension. Get a more stylish look by fade the sideburns bottom and the beard top, so the two parts meet.

Add a Hair Design

If you don’t mind about the extra maintenance, it will also be a great idea to add hair design such as haircut motifs, or another design. Just choose any design that you think most suitable with your personal characteristics. Make sure the barber has good skill to make the hair design. If you don’t get the best design as you want, don’t worry because the hair will grow soon.  

Add a Side Part Styling

Even though the taper fade haircut style is a modern option, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add some traditional touches to the haircut styling. You can combine with more traditional look with the classic side parting that is slicked back. The combinations of the modern style of faded back and sides’ hard edges, with the slick side parting smoothness will be effective creating striking and unique haircut style look. Moreover, the unique haircut style will make the taper fade style look dapper even more. It will be a perfect haircut style for more formal occasions.   

Those are the tips to make your haircut style always in fresh look every day. Before you ask a barber to cut your hair in the taper fade style, make sure it is a qualified barber. Find to know his license so you can be sure about his quality. Otherwise, choose a reliable barbershop that can handle your hairstyling well such as the Great Clips or another reliable hairstyling salons. Know about the How Much Is A Haircut At Great Clips before you get into it.

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