Traditional Mens Haircuts for Classic Everlasting Style

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Style is always recycled throughout the years, be it shoes, clothes, or haircuts. The latter though, seems like has never been changed that much from year to year. Traditional mens haircuts will never be a bore to style your hair since they look timelessly stunning to be match with the current clothing trend. Like how it was said, fashion is how you carry yourself with confidence.

It is also known as old school hairstyle, since it was originated decades back. The styles might be dated, being the trend during their glorified days, but like how it is, style is always recycled. Although it clearly says old in old school, but this old style will bring out your suave and gentlemen aura. You want to snatch you lover’s attention, you certainly have to make an effort to style your hair in order to look attractively presentable. Or maybe you just want to look good so you feel good about yourself. Whatever the case, the following traditional mens haircuts will do something good to you and your hair.

The Classic Pompadour for Vintage Hairstyle

If we talk about classic man cut, the first thing must be the classic pompadour. This style has a very old and long history. The origin of this hairstyle is from the mistress of King Louis XV, so yes, it is actually first worn by woman. However, this style has numerous variations for men, women, and even children. For men itself, it was popularized by the early country and rock and roll star, Elvis Presley.

The style is therefore developed, and has been adopted by vintage culture style in the late 1950s. In modern Japanese popular culture, the style is famous to be associated with gang members or thugs. Nowadays, you can see famous celebrities worn this hairstyle and succeed in looking gorgeous. They are the famous singer Justin Timberlake, Zayn Malik, and Bruno Mars, the actor who is famous with the girls Zac Efron, and even the charismatic footballer David Beckham.

The basic idea of pompadour style is having your hair slicked back on top. You certainly need your hair a little bit long to be able to slick them back. The side hair is however, you can go with whatever you prefer, buzz cut or get them cut and left just by some inches. You can consult your barber what will look best with your face structure and hair type. Your barber must know this style since this is like the basic of traditional mens haircuts. Thus if your barber doesn’t know what pompadour style is, you have the right to question his ability to be trusted with your new haircut.

The Neat and Clean Buzz Cut

Men will be familiar with this classic cut hair, the buzz cut. Most boys as they are still children will be annoyed with this kind of cut since it is usually forced to them if they have their hair overstyled. Buzz cut is mostly worn by athlete and military persons. However, of course, it is not only worn by them. This hairstyle is worn by many for its easy to maintenance. If you are too stingy to put an effort styling your hair every time you get out of bed, you can consider getting this cut. The basic idea of this cut is having the hair cut very short designed using electric clippers. Famous people who are ever adapted this style are the famous actors, Jensen Ankles, Chris Evans, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Matt Damon.

Pompadour and buzz cut are two traditional mens haircuts which have been worn by people decades back. You want volume in your head, go with pompadour. If you want the less maintenance styling, go with buzz cut.

Traditional Men's Haircuts

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