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Blonde fade haircut may become a haircut style you are interested in. Like other kinds of haircut styles, you also should consider about it first before deciding to have the hairstyle on you. Actually, fade haircut for blonde hair will be suitable for anyone who has the right face shape, hair texture and skin tone. The face shape will determine whether the fade haircut will be suitable to have or not. The right hair texture will help you applying the haircut and style the hair easily. Meanwhile, the skin tone will determine whether the blonde hair will be suitable to have or not. There are some types of fade haircut that can be chosen for your blonde hair. Find to know about them below.

Classic Fade Haircut

Classic fade haircut is commonly made with longer top hair and then the tape gradually shorter on the back and sides. The merging up of the skin and hair is commonly on the area where your hair starts disappear. The result will be in sharp and subtle finish with pack a punch hair. Use some firming hair product to style the hair in damp condition.  

High Fade Haircut

High fade haircut is commonly more daring. The barber commonly uses straight razor or trimmer to cut from the halfway skin up and then fades longer to the top. The buzzed sides and top position will have striking juxtaposition. You should know that the high fade will show the scalp, so make sure you have closer tone of skin between neck and head to make it quite good look. Add texture to the hair by using some hair products for curly or wavy hair.

Mid-Fade Haircut

This kind of haircut was commonly had by military men. The mid fade is made starting from above ears points and then cut the hair to be perfectly tight to skin. It means that the hair on sides and back are shaved closest to the skin. So you will have clean and crisp outline of haircut. It will be perfect for your blonde straight and shorter hair.  

Low Fade Haircut

Low fade haircut is made slightly higher than the classic fade but lower than the high fade haircut. The fade start from the halfway point on the back and sides, then it should stop one inch before the hairline. You also can choose the distance alternative if you love it. The low fade will be perfectly fit to those that have facial hair and beard. So the two different textures will make cool accent.  

Taper Fade Haircut

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This haircut style becomes one of the most wanted hairstyles for today’s men. The taper fade haircut has different finish with the regular fade. In regular fade, the hair merges and then disappears. Meanwhile, in taper fade haircut the fade reduces gradually from the top to the sides and neck nape. This taper fade is also made shorter but delicately blended.

Therefore, you should choose the best fade your blonde hair. Consult your barber first to determine the best one for your face shape, hair type and texture, or any other consideration. Whether you want to have the Russell Westbrook Haircut or another star’s trendy haircut.   

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