What Haircut should I Get Men for Face Shape and Hair Type?

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A question what haircut should I get men is the most common question asked by many men. There are some important factors that can become the answers for this. One of the most important is the face shape. The face shape will determine well whether a haircut style will be suitable or not. Besides, also choose the right haircut style for your hair type and texture too.

The Best Haircut Styles Based on the Face Shape

  • Oval Shape

Those who have oval face shape is very lucky, because they can have nearly all haircut styles. Yet, you should avoid haircuts with long fringes because it will make rounder look into your face. It will be better to push the fringes back. Make sure the haircut style can enhance the features on your face. If you choose haircut styles that show your hair volume and sharp angles of face, you can get more masculine and sharper look.

  • Round Face

For those who have round face shape, haircut styles with volume and sharp angles will be perfect. To get a longer look than the actual length, make shorter sides and longer top of the hair; Pidgeotto Haircut may become one of great haircut styles. Meanwhile, avoid the haircuts that have full fringes as well as buzzcuts; it will make your face look much rounder.

  • Oblong Face

Oblong face is also a face shape that can receive many kinds of haircut styles. However, haircuts with too tight and short on sides will not be suitable, because it can make even longer look on face. It will be best if the haircut styles are longer on sides but layered on top. If the hair is wearing down, it will look a little shorter and rounder.

  • Square Face

As the perfect face shape of men, you can have any haircut styles with your square face shape, including the sharp and angular styles. It will make more masculine look. The fades, buzzcut and undercut styles will be also suitable for square face shape.

  • Triangle or Diamond Face Shape

What haircut should I get men with diamond face shape? The best haircuts must be the shorter on sides and longer on top. The modern undercut as well as fades are also perfect choices. Those hairstyles will improve the masculine look as well.

The Best Haircut Styles Based on the Hair Type and Texture

Another greatest factor to choose the best haircut style is the hair type and texture. Some hairstyles can’t work with certain type of hair, except you get some help from tools like straightener, blow dry, or some hair products. But it is best to choose a haircut style that is most suitable with hair texture and type.

  • Wavy thick hair. It can get nearly all hairstyles, excluding the slickbacks because it will be more difficult to apply.

  • Curly hair. This hair type will be great to get edgy and fades hairstyles.

  • Straight, stiff hair. The best haircut styles for this type should be the styles that can follow the natural pattern well. Because this type is very difficult to style.

  • Straight and thin hair. The best hairstyles for this type is the classic styles, such as slickbacks haircut styles.

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