What Is A Lob Haircut? Bob Vs Lob

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What Is A Lob Haircut? Lob stands for the long bob. First, you must have known about the bob. This time you find a new hairstyle called with a lob. There are many people who want this hair style but you should be careful when choosing a hair style is. Lob could be a hair style that does not suit your face shape. If you have curly hair, then you can choose a 3D curl and not curl round.

You can use sticks to create 3D captivating curls. You can keep hidden layers so your hair will not come out of the new. If you go to the hairdresser, then you can bring photos of celebrities who use the style lob. You should choose a celebrity face shape that suits your face shape.

Bob and Lob

Bob has become the choice of many women for many years ago. Anna Wintour and icon Coco Chanel has used this hairstyle. Now Bob has developed into a modern hairstyle with a new twist called Lob. This hairstyle will not be boring. Differences between this hairstyle are longer than the lob bob. The hairdresser said that this hairstyle has made celebrities to become more beautiful.

If you want to cut your hair, then you should consider your face shape. Hair style and color should be adapted to the color and shape of your face. Face shape is important to choose between lob and bob. Round face does not match the super short hairstyle. If you have a square jaw, then you should be careful to choose the style lob or bob right. The hairdresser should use a large round brush to add volume to hair. You can just add waves to the hair cool and sexy.

Below for Bob Haircut


Lob Haircut:

Men Haircut

One of the men haircuts that make you able to move freely is Damian Lillard Haircut. Damian is a famous basketball player who has short hair styles. This is a simple hair style that is often used by basketball players because it’s easier to move on the basketball court. This hairstyle is very interesting because there is the one-long incision that became the main point of this hairstyle.

The haircut is becoming more attractive because the hair split into two levels. This is an experiment that managed to make the hair style Damian becomes interesting. This hairstyle has a simple goal. Basketball athlete can do activities freely without depending on elaborate hair.

This hairstyle became popular among men because women are attracted to this hairstyle. Women love a man who looks neat. Modern life makes men must appear clean and tidy. You can look neat and clean by using this hair style. If you are a busy man, then you certainly do not have much time to arrange your hair.

You can look elegant every day with a shirt or when using casual clothing. You do not need a complex treatment for this hair style for short hair is easy to be put in order without using a comb. Basketball player with the busy activity could rely on this simple hairstyle. You can look cool on various occasions by relying upon hairstyle of Damian.

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