What is Pidgeotto Haircut ?

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You probably have been wondering what is pidgeotto haircut since it has been numerously mentioned in various virtual internet discourse, which is mostly seen in memes. Pidgeotto haircut is actually just a nickname made by internet folks over the current trend of men hairstyle, which is focused to have long hair on top while the sides are cut into fade, undercut, or taper cut style. The long on top goes with various styles but since this is pidgeotto, it is slicked back.

The Origin of The Name Pidgeotto Haircut

The explanation of the origin behind why it is called pidgeotto haircut is a simple one, really. It is called pidgeotto since it resembles much with Pidgeotto, a bird Pokemon character. Everyone knows Pokemon, thus why it is used as a reference to call this particular hairstyle into pidgeotto haircut. Anyone will get it on instant to picture how the haircut looks like.

Pidgeotto is a pokemon specimen whose look is a hawk with the color of yellow and read feathers and a crest. The wings and the back have darker yellow colored feathers while underneath the wings and the chest are light yellow colored. The color of the crest is red, this particular features of Pidgeotto is what makes the haircut is called what it is. What is pidgeotto weak against? It is weak against rock, electric and ice. What is Pidgeotto evolution? Anyway, this particular info of the pokemon specimen is not relevant if you come here for the haircut

pidgeotto haircut
How Pidgeotto Haircut Goes

As explained before, the haircut is called pidgeotto as it resembles the Pidgeotto crest. Thus, the main point of this hairstyle is having the similar crest atop your head. How is it done? Simply by cutting the sides short and left the top hair long.

The front hair must be longer then it gets shorter as it goes way back. Since the hair is going to be slicked back, the front hair must be longer to make it appear that the front is piling up the back part as it is slicked back. If you are not going to slick the top hair back, then it can’t be called pidgeotto haircut anymore.

The hair on both sides however, is free to choose the cuts. Various cuts can be applied to be combined with the slicked back crest. Pidgeotto haircut is famous to be combined with fade, or even complete bald sides. The shorter the hair on both sides, the more the crest is going to look more standing out. You can add some creative cuts on the sides. People usually going for something like straight line on each side, a line that goes from one ear to another, whorl, spiral, lighting strike line, etc.

If you hate the idea of going bald on the sides, or almost bald, you can go with taper cut. Taper cut has several millimeters long but still way less than one inch. Taper cut won’t make the crest too much standing out like how fade makes it to be. Since the basic idea of what is pidgeotto haircut is the crest atop, you can go between them for the sides cut.

What is pidgeotto haircut? It is the slicked back top hair with short hair on the sides. This cut is honestly going very well if you have such volume in your hair and if your hair is perfect straight type. You can go with a complete pidgeotto haircut with bald sides or fade, and with taper cut when you just want to adapt the look.

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