Zero Fade Haircut and Various Others Combination

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Zero fade haircut is the hit nowadays. Fade hairstyle has been combined with various kind of styles to thrive for modern men haircut. Pompadour, afro, Mohawk, high top are only several hairstyle choices you can combine with fade haircut.

The basic idea of zero fade haircut is having the hair on both side cut bald with clippers. As how it goes with the named fade, the length of the hair keeps increasing higher to the top. There is no definite style as how you want to style your hair on top. It can be cut short, taper cut, high top cut, whatever style you want to combine it with. Among current men trend, what’s popular is taper fade hairstyle.

Tapered and Faded Cuts Combination

Taper hairstyle is having the front top hair long and as it goes back it gradually gets shorter. You can see why the combination of taper and fade cuts is perfect. While taper makes the top hair long, it contrasts with the side hair which has been cut gone with only several millimeters long as it gradually fades above the ears.
Although the contrast look taper fade hairstyle can bring, surprisingly it is suitable for formal or casual occasion. Unlike other deviant and bold style such as Mohawk and braided long top, taper fade looks near and professional for a formal occasion.

The taper cut just needs to be combed slightly differently to the side with your trusted grooming product. Thus you are ready to socialize in a formal situation while still maintain both the professional and easy to the eyes look.

For casual occasion, you can just let it fall into your forehead and make it into effortless fringe. Comb the fringe with your finger coated in your hair gel and you already look attractively presentable.

Possible Long Hair and Fade Cut

Having both long hair and fade cut? Is it possible to manage both? Absolutely it is. Fade cut can be combined with many styles. And having the top hair left long is just rocking your look. Just what you can do with long hair with fade cuts? Pick your favourite, dreadlock, braids, ponytail, man bun, or top knot. Man bun, top knot, and ponytail are the perfect choices for you who don’t want to spend much time styling your hair before going out. Just comb your hair the grab a hair tie and you are ready to pick a style.

Dreadlock and braids however, need much more effort. If you choose the former, you have to get it done by the professional. Certainly, if you choose to go with dreadlock, you can’t freely switch hairstyle every day. But braids, you still can get it done by yourself though it requires extra time after combing your hair. Unlike taper fade hairstyle, fade cut with dreadlock and braid are not so suitable for formal occasion. It is more appropriate for casual one.

High Fade Pompadour Combination

The pompadour cut never gets old. The cut seems always transcending though times. Although pompadour was familiar with its long hair styled in front of the forehead, modern pompadour has been modified creatively by barbers. Pompadour and fade cuts usually accompanied by creative line made in the fade.

The simple one is a surgical line while the complicated one is only limited to the barber’s creativity. It can be lighting stroke or curls. Thus it is why it’s better to be a high fade pompadour cut since the high fade will emphasize the line look. Zero fade haircut can be combined with many kinds of styles. Choose one which the most comfortable to you and bring out your charm with a new haircut!

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